Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Cutest Little Frosty....

3. The magic age toddlers get to start extra-curricular activities. I am totally open to anything and everything my kids choose to pursue, but it was obvious from the start that Fin wanted to dance!

Sitting in the waiting room each Thursday of the same studio where I grew up dancing & seeing so many familiar faces is all kinds of nostalgic. 

Finlay had her first performance as "Frosty" in Southern Strutt's "The Grinch Unleashed". I was the mom in the audience hysterically laughing because the cuteness was just too much to handle. 

I'm so proud of you baby girl!!

This Oily Life

For the 2 people who actually read this blog & have noticed all my essential oil posts....Ya'll I'm sorry if they annoy you. They annoy the crap out of my husband. But actually I'm not sorry at all-these things are crazy good. I took a close look at what I'm putting in and on my body and my kids' bodies and started to eliminate a lot of chemicals from our foods. Now we are using natural products, we are sleeping, we are healthy, and I have alternative ways to manage stress if it's 10:00am and too early for a glass of wine. The benefits of these little bottles of plant juice are pretty remarkable, and I'm not even that crunchy (just a little bit, maybe!) 

Homecoming & Skytop

My most favorite fall traditions! And they just get better every year. 

Until next October!

Lumber Jack Mac!

My wild boy turned 2 this year & I swear I was just in the hospital giving birth like yesterday. McCollum was the most chill baby there ever was, but oh man have the tables turned. He is rough. He has a temper like no other. And his energy is endless. In other words, he's a boy. An October birthday gives this fall-loving mama all sorts of fun party themes to choose from. This year's was Lumber Jack!

So very thankful for this child's 2nd year & everyone who helped celebrate!